Teach you to do paper bag snacks, delicious to stop, simple bag is not dirty hands!

If you want to make good snacks, you have to know how to make them. The method is very simple, is to use a paper bag packaging, and then put in the refrigerator.

1: Paper bag material

Paper bags are mainly made of paper, cloth and plastic. Paper is the most common, but different colors and patterns can be chosen according to personal preference. Paper has good air permeability, and if you need to keep warm, you can use kraft paper or silicone paper as an alternative. There are 4 oz coffee bags with valve. In addition, you can choose wood or foam board and other different materials to make paper bags, and according to the needs of their own processing size. Cloth mainly includes plastic bags, towel roll bags and shopping bags. Paper bags in supermarkets are generally medium-density polyethylene films, which can withstand temperatures of more than 80 degrees Celsius. The shopping malls are mostly pure cotton fabrics, heat resistant up to 50 degrees, easy to fold and not easy to break. Plastics are divided into low density plastics and high density plastics. Low density plastic texture is soft and easy to bend forming, but the impact resistance is poor, not cold, not high temperature resistance, so only suitable for packaging lighter items. And high-density plastic after a variety of processes, has strong strength and flexibility, can withstand heavier pressure, widely used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging and military products packaging and other fields.

2: The production process

1. First, wash the paper bag. 2, then write a “can” on the bag, tear the paper and put it in the bag. 3, next need to do some preparatory work: scissors, glue and tape are essential materials; There’s also a piece of white paper to mark where you want to put the treats. 4. Finally, seal the paper bag and put it in a cool and airy place. Tip :1. If you love to eat, then paper bags are definitely addictive! 2. It’s best not to pack too much candy to avoid waste. 3. The cut paper should be disposed of in time, otherwise it is easy to mold.

3: Precautions

In the process of making paper bag snacks, you should pay attention to the following points :1. Choose the right materials. Paper bags, biscuits, dried fruit and other foods are mainly made of plastic, while other forms of packaging can be replaced by paper. Therefore, in order to ensure food quality and hygiene, the type and size of paper used should be determined according to the type of product, and make sure that non-toxic and harmless materials are used. 2. Properly seal the packing container. In general, each layer of paper must be kept close to each other, and there must be no gaps. If there is a gap, you need to use tape or tape to patch it up. 3. Standardize the packaging operation process. Since most of the food such as biscuits and dried fruit is sold in bulk, there is no need to consider cleaning during operation, and only need to assemble according to the package instructions. 4. Add proper preservatives. Biscuits, dried fruit and other foods are prone to bacterial contamination, in the production and processing of a certain amount of preservatives can be added to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

I hope you can feel the delicious taste from the paper bag when you eat this small snack.

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