The obvious sign of transgression in the relationship between men and women: boldness

Many people say that there is pure friendship between men and women, but it turns out that pure friendship between men and women only exists when they just know each other.

Two people just know each other, do not know much about each other, and do not have any throbbing, naturally, they simply treat each other as friends.

However, with the increase of time, the understanding of each other is also more and more, plus the two sides also left a lot of common memories, so gradually came into love.

If two people can stick to their duty, not to cross the final line, then the friendship can continue to develop. But when one person does something that crosses the line, the relationship can turn sour. Will women like to use the rose toys? It can be seen that the friendship between men and women is really hard to keep pure for a long time, two people will not cross the line, it is only a matter of time.

You may never want to cross the line with your opposite sex friend, but you know what? It’s hard to control the development of a relationship, and sometimes your relationship is different without even realizing it.

When a relationship goes bad, it changes a lot. When a man or woman crosses a line, they start doing things they never would have done before.

This is the courage and daring that love brings. As long as there is affection between two people, both sides will become more and more bold when they get along.

So the obvious sign of transgression in a relationship between a man and a woman is boldness.

After the relationship between men and women out of bounds, will boldly say some fleshy love words

Between ordinary friends of the opposite sex, how can they say erotic love words, even if it is a joke, both sides can not be so unmeasured.

Really can put the fleshy love words hanging in the mouth, either in love with men and women, or is to cross the boundary of heterosexual friends.

Observation found that the relationship between men and women beyond the boundary of good, both sides will naturally treat each other as their lovers, although two people do not really determine the relationship, but still do a lot of things related to love, such as love words.

When two people are together, they will often speak some words of love boldly, in order to convey the feelings of the heart.

Others may think that they are just joking, but it is not, the love words in their mouth, on behalf of their inner feelings.

This is an obvious sign that a relationship has crossed the line, and one cannot ignore it.

After the relationship between men and women out of bounds, they will boldly touch each other with their bodies

Ordinary friends of the opposite sex, even ambiguous love words do not say, more will not have any excessive physical contact.

Physical contact between the opposite sex, usually only exist between lovers or couples, because identity allows, so no matter how to touch, are each other’s freedom.

If two people are just good friends but engage in the physical touching that many lovers and couples do, it’s clear that the relationship has crossed a line.

They may still be friends, but deep down, they’ve long since moved on.

No friend is always physical contact, only the relationship between men and women beyond the boundary, will be driven by the inner emotion, bold to make physical touch.

These obvious physical touches, reflecting the transgression of the relationship, cannot be ignored.

When the relationship between men and women crosses the line, they will dare to talk about some private topics

Everyone has his own privacy, as long as a person has a certain sense of self-protection, he will not take out these privacy and casually communicate with others.

No matter how good the relationship between friends is, it is difficult to touch each other’s privacy. People who can speak boldly about private topics are not just friends.

There is a certain distance between friends, even if the relationship is very good, it is difficult to dig out the heart to put out the privacy.

The men and women who cross the line are different, because both have love in their hearts, so they can’t help but want to take it to the next level.

In the further process, they can’t help opening their hearts and revealing their privacy.

In the process of getting along, men and women who cross the line will be bold to talk about some personal topics, not only without fear, but also without any reservations.

Such intimacy is not something that can be achieved by a simple friendship, but only by men and women who have crossed the line.

Xiaojing Emotional Message:

When a relationship crosses a line, it doesn’t necessarily lead to a romantic relationship. When both partners have partners, crossing a line is wrong.

Many people know that it is not good to cross the line, so some people do not want to admit that they have crossed the line.

However, the feelings of things, even if not admitted, will be exposed one by one.

It has been observed that when a relationship crosses the line between men and women, there is often a lot of bold behavior, such as bold to say some erotic words, bold to touch each other, bold to talk about private topics.

If there is such daring behavior between two people, neither side can admit it, nor deny the fact that the line has been crossed.

These are clear transgressions that no one can ignore.

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